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RigWheels Camera Dolly, Camera Slider and Camera Mounting tools

RigWheels LLC manufacturers Camera Dolly, Camera Slider and Camera Mounting tools designed to provide you with unprecedented flexibility in how you can use the parts together.

Our original "RigWheels" are a multipurpose camera dolly wheel that can be used to build DIY camera dollies, sliders and skate rigs in addition to the mounting options we offer. Now being used in more than 90 countries, RigWheels are one of the simplest and most intuitive ways to get your camera-rig rolling at an affordable price.
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With our assortment of tools RigWheels offers many options which allow you to scale your solution from DIY to complete system. The key benefit to our system is in how the various parts can be interchanged and configured into different types of camera dollies, sliders, and mounts.

One of our new products that we're very excited about is the RigMount, a high-power rare-earth magnet with surprising strength in mounting applications for video as well as still photography.

A few simple, well thought out parts turn RigWheels solutions into a capable and versatile option available at an affordable price.

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