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ProPrompter Prof. Software Upgrade v2/3/4 to v5 (Mac/Windows)
Unser Preis (inkl. 19% MwSt) zzgl. Versandkosten: 238,00€
Netto Preis: 200,00€

Produkt Beschreibung
The Upgrade: ProPrompter Teleprompter Software v2/3/4 to v5 Professional from ProPrompter allows you to upgrade from v2/3/4 of this product to the v5 Professional version, which offers more features and functionality. Use this software to put any text into a controllable window that scrolls at your natural speaking pace. The scroll pace can be adjusted with keyboard or scroll mouse controls.

• Use with Mac or Windows
• Toll-free technical support
• Horizontal and vertical mirroring
• Single-screen scrolling
• Adjustable screen size
• Multiple text and font colors
• Copy and paste from other programs
• Cue points
• Rich-text or simple-text import
• Built-in word processor and script editor
• User-selectable background colors
• User-selectable text colors
• Variable scroll position indicators
• Variable speed control
• Prompter font sizes relative to editor font sizes
• Support for double-byte fonts
• Horizontal & vertical flipping
• Dual-screen operation
• Script printing
• Spell checker
• Undo & redo commands
• Supports foot pedals and remote controls
• Text search & replace function
• Multiple fonts, sizes, and colors
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