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MicroBeam Compact - Video Lighting Kits
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Produkt Beschreibung
Rugged Compact and highly portable 3-point LED lighting kit.

  • Select either 2 x MicroBeam-256 lights & 1 x MicroBeam-128 light
  • Select either an ATA Rated configured hard flight case, or 3 individual softcases for the MicroBeams
  • Select the battery mounting plate on the rear of each light, choices are Canon, JVC, Panasonic or Sony. To check if your camera's batteries are supported by the microbeam see this compatibility list.

To check if your camera's batteries are supported by the microbeam see this compatibility list (pdf).

Also included are 3 x 7 inch articulated arms with light stand mount adapters, 3 MicroBeam Filter Kits, 3 AC Power Supplies.

Light stands are not included but may be purchased separately
6 foot light stand , 8 foot light stand, light stand bag (can hold 3)
  • 128/256 Ultra Bright 5600K LED's per light
  • External DC input 7-16v DC
  • Full dimming via dimmer knob on back of unit
  • Runs for hours on standard Lion camera batteries
  • Rugged aluminum case
  • Slide in filter holder
  • Color correction/diffuser gels included
  • Hotshoe swivel mount included
  • Full filter pack including conversion to 3200K
  • 12VDC, includes camera battery mounting plates for (your choice of one) JVC, Sony, Canon and Panasonic. Also accepts 12V DC directly, and comes with a 110-240VAC Mains to 12VDC power supply
  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum construction
  • Brighter than units costing much more
  • These LED lights operate for hours on standard Li-Ion camcorder batteries, Use your existing batteries with mounts for Sony, Panasonic, Canon or JVC.
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