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MicroBeam Lichtkoffer 3000W 4 Lights Kit V-Mount
Unser Preis (inkl. 19% MwSt) zzgl. Versandkosten: 3.738,50€
Netto Preis: 3.141,60€

Produkt Beschreibung

FloLight LED Lighting – The Brightest Lights with the Highest CRI

FloLight LED products are cool, cost efficient, light weight and of course, brilliant. This is the thinking behind FloLight's MicroBeam LED high performance lights for studios and locations.

2x Microbeam 1024 LED LIGHT with V-Mount option
2x Microbeam 512 LED LIGHT with V-Mount option

The major advantage is FloLight's the high state-of-the-art CRI (color rendering index). The character of the light cannot be changed dynamically. with no noticeable shift in color A key benefit to LEDs is their performance over time. LEDs tend to hold their color and quality their entire lifetime. To complement this.

Unlike conventional lights, no matter how long you use FloLight MicroBeams, they don’t heat up. You or your crew can handle a MicroBeam easily and without gloves or fear of being burned. This also keeps your space cooler, saving you the cost of air conditioning. The lack of heat can save your production thousands in additional insurance you might have to carry with conventional lights.

Even with a battery pack, the FloLight MicroBeams are incredibly lightweight. The lack of weight and small size makes them ideal for run-and-gun productions, press junkets and ENG and weddings. Even with a full kit, the FloLight MicroBeams can reduce your need for grips and laborers and allow you to save money on your production.

LEDs by their very nature are much more robust making them virtually immune to breakage or shattering like other lights. FloLight further strengthens the MicroBeams with a tough, anodized aluminum housing making them battle hard and ready for the rigors of production.

No matter what model you choose, all FloLight MicroBeams can be powered with either AC power or battery power. For the the smaller lights, you have the option of either Sony or Panasonic DV batteries. For the larger lights, Anton Baugher vesa mounts are available giving you hours of wireless power.

FloLight equips every MicroBeam with a robust, stainless steel power switch that won't wear out as well as high quality attenuators that provide a smooth dimming action so you can get the light just right, everytime.

There's nothing worse then getting a piece of production gear and realizing you have to buy additional items just to make it work. At FloLight, we have gone above and beyond the “standard” accessories package. All units have either milled industry standard ¼ 20 mounts with shoe adapters or yokes depending on the model. Finally, every MicroBeam comes in its own soft case that houses the AC Power adapter, and batteries, and the MicroBeams 128 and 256 come with their own gels – no additional charge."

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