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Produkt Beschreibung
At NAB Thomas Nowara discovered that, by him as "Neckpod", described stabilizing system. Here, a flexible tube is used to it is to wind around the neck. In combination with the holder of the smart grip now, the Mobile Smartphone be worn on the body than the eyes of the cameraman. This results in various applications. The camera can be carried easily and used at any time. It looks almost the same as also the camera man which is always ready to shot. Especially for interviews this combination is suitable. Here it lends itself to the to give the shots with a light, controlled movements of the camera's a little "breathing" with. Since the Neckpod also be used as a monopod and extension can tap into other applications.

The SmartGrip Mobile

is universal for different Smartphone types until a wide of 7,5 cm.

1x Neckpod

Here you get the latest news and information about iPhone production:

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