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Wendylight-Willi 68 burners
Unser Preis (inkl. 19% MwSt) zzgl. Versandkosten: 7.061,46€
Netto Preis: 5.934,00€

Produkt Beschreibung
The first Dinolight A.F.Z. built in 1989/90. These lamp was very simple constructed, but very solid processed. In the last 20 years A.F.Z. introduced a lot of improvements.

In early years the whole lamps were manufactured in steel zinc coated and they had an small brake. The ring of the burner had four knurled nut, to put the burner outside. Now A.F.Z. produce all lamps only in stainless steel, with a big brake and you can put a burner outside if you remove only one knurled nut.

All prices are basic without burner!

Wendylight-Willi 68 burners

41,6 kilowatts lamp for 64 burners, with tripod-holder, switchable by pairs.

Weight with burners about 55 kg
Dimensions W 1400 H 1360 mm

PAR 36 Lampen (PAR 36 = 650 watts / 120 volts)

All prices are valid for black lamps, prices for silver each lamp please call us
All the lamps will be delivered without illuminants (burners).
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