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Color Correction Gel Kit
Unser Preis (inkl. 19% MwSt) zzgl. Versandkosten: 182,01€  153,51€
Netto Preis: 129,00€

Produkt Beschreibung
Lighting is one of the most crucial elements on any film or video production set. You need to be able to color balance lighting on location or on set, when using your light kit or other available lighting, while still setting the mood you have in mind or depicting a specific time of day.

The best way to do all of this is with color gels or filters. Digital Juice can help you solve most on-location mixed lighting problems with the newest addition to the DJ Gear Lighting Control product line - the Digital Juice Color Correction Gel Kit. This versatile kit comes with a full set of 15 high-temperature gel sheets, designed to color correct the majority of lighting situations you may encounter. Each 20 x 24-inch filter is labeled so you can quickly identify them in a fast-paced shooting environment.

The Digital Juice Color Correction Kit comes with a specially designed, durable and stylish DJ Gear carry bag to keep your gels organized and make them easy to transport when shooting on location. This is the perfect addition to any professional light kit in studio or on the go. Gels can be easily clipped to the barndoors of any light with a C-47 clip (or common clothespin). You can also use tape to secure them to a window or gel frame. Whether you need to balance mixed lighting or you want to give your production that stylish look, the Digital Juice Color Correction Gel Kit delivers the tools you need to get the results you want.
For more information, please visit this products webpage.
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